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Is Parametric Sound (PAMT) A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity?

The Parametric Sound (PAMT)

By Doc Brown,

Every now and then a stock comes along with very few shares outstanding.  This makes it easy for large stock investors such as mutual funds to push a stock higher with large purchases relative to shares outstanding.

Parametric Sound (PAMT)

Take for instance Parametric Sound (PAMT) that has been in the middle of a heated discussion between myself and an anonymous author at the Seeking Alpha website. The author / manipulator intentionally trash mouthed PAMT intensifying its freefall a couple of weeks ago,

Mr. Norris has tried promoting this technology for at least the past 15 years without success for his companies or investors. (2001 & 2003 company literature) In 1997, he presented HSS to the Acoustical Society of America. In 1996, LRAD’s predecessor announces it is collaborating with Carver Corporation for a home audio system. Based on public filings, it doesn’t appear an agreement ever materialized. Regarding HSS, the 1996 10K stated: “the Company’s strategy is to license broadly, it may provide limited exclusivity in certain market segments or sub-segments or may enter into exclusive arrangements with others to enter particular market segments,” which sounds very familiar to the plan today at Parametric. (1996 10K (see p3); Carver Corporation Announcement (also in 10K).

Seeking Alpha article HERE.  

The unnamed author disregards technical analysis.  There are some very interesting technical features to this stock.

Read my rebuttal HERE.  

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